Leo Docuyanan Photography

Hip-Hop artist Del “The Funky Homo Sapien” was shot by San Francisco photographer and was used to craft a distinct identity package that would communicate Leo’s artistic and slightly-edgy style to evoke discussion with the hope to attract more clients. After our brainstorming session, I extracted a unique detail that felt special: preserving light-meter readings in his post-production process. Rather than use the detail on each document, I used restraint to keep from visually overwhelming the overall system; I added the detail on the promo card, poster, and press badge, while placing the focal grid on the rest of the artwork. This combined design treatment brought a certain allure that caught the attention he deserved. Some time after this project, a small San Francisco startup by the name of Instagram would utilize the same style marked on one of their popular filters.

Role: Graphic Designer

Client: Leo Docuyanan

Project: Identity System

Leo-stationery-mockup.jpg Leo-BizCard-mockup.jpg Leo-Promo-mockup_.jpg