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Mey Saechao

Logo and Identity System

There are only a handful of distinctly unique stylist in the Bay Area and Mey Saechao is one of them. She captures the rich culture, style and history of Oakland California, all while effortlessly weaving these characteristics into her clients’ personal style. Constructing her brand was fluid; she has an acute sixth-sense that she draws from, making the execution flow seamlessly into every step of the project. We worked collaboratively to visualize Mey’s irresistible femininity and mysteriously-bold edge, while rounding out the brand with color to drive home credibility and dependability. Upon researching typefaces, I revisited the classics to communicated longevity, timelessness, and sophistication. I landed on Bodoni for its irresistablely beautiful characteristics that feel high-toned and expressed “fashion”. I deconstructed type to reinforce a distinct characteristics, which is a head nod to Mey’s unique sense of style and “off the cuff” design thinking. What an exhilarating journey!

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