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Marketing Asset Redesign


Miracle Spa

Reimagining the Brochure

Though this project only required one asset, it is one of my most favorites. I love playing with contrast in any medium. For this project, I tempered muted palettes with rich duotones and transparencies. The owner of a popular day spa and nail salon in San Francisco has a very distinct style when you walk in to her space; there are plants lined in corners and above eye-level areas of the space, bringing a vibrant yet very tranquil atmosphere to the senses. When redesigning the brochure, the source of inspiration was a no-brainer. The pale coral-peach hue is a descendent of the owner’s favorite trademark nail polish she wears (even in the winter season). The new brochure’s creative mandatories needed to communicate a sense of nature, serenity, wealth, demographic relevance, credibility and femininity. The result was an informative design that I could stand by at the end of the day and fall a little bit more in love each time I look at it.

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