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Creative Direction


Draper Industries

Website Design

Boston design and development agency —Third and Grove—hired me as a Creative Director where I played dual roles as a creative leader and hands on designer to construct a custom website. With so much rich content, history, research, footage and assets, the ultimate goal of this website was to contain the crazy by using rich hues that reflects our Milky Way Galaxy to invite the user on a journey that led to putting the first man on the moon. Draper Industries—a major player that manufactured  materials used in the Apollo missions—required a website that felt informative, yet accessible and inviting, where young minds could get excited about the possibilities of becoming engineers one day. I led the creative direction for this project, while managing the lead UX designer / Front End Engineer. The project was met with many moving parts and design challenges. But when all the user personas, research, desired outcomes and design sprints came together, we constructed a comprehensive design that satisfied all of our creative and technical mandatories under an extremely aggressive timeline. Our team rocked a month’s of work in just eleven days.


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